Displaying Different Menus

I’m after a little bit of advice please.

I’m reconstructing a very small (3 page) site. On the Home Page I want to display the Primary Menu - as the items scroll the user to various panels. On the other 2 Pages I want to display a different Menu, which just has a single menu item that take users back to the main page.

Whenever I select the Nav Container List, and change the Data Source from Primary Menu to the Custom Menu that I’ve created in the Menu Manager, the menu on all the pages changes.

My question is how do I display the Custom Menu in the Global Header area on the two pages without it altering the Primary Menu on the Home page?


Right-Click on your menu bloc and move it down into the dynamic area of the page. That way you can change the menu to be different on each page - don’t use the top global area at all.


Another method If the two other pages are the same, is leave the menu in the Global area, and then then turn the top global area off on the main page. That way all your sub pages have the same menu and you can have a completely different menu for the home page.

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Thanks for you suggestions @hendon52 and @Malachiman. It’s easy when you know how, eh!? :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

In most cases, there is often more than one way to achieve something, depends on your project, which way you go… and also what you have picked up along the way.

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