Disqus Comments Different for each Page

@Norm is it possible to have different Disqus Comments for each page? Please help.

Added it Manually using HTML Brick. Hopefully Blocs can edit the “ID Tag” to have a different Disqus for every page hehe :slight_smile:

Yes, it will work on each page with the same account. It will not work on one page in several places.


What do you mean? I tried using the built in Disqus brick and when I placed it on my site I got same comments on all the pages.

Really, I have a blog that each post has it’s own page and it seems to work fine?

Take a look.


How did you do it? Just placed the Disqus and it will automatically do it?

When you sign up for a Disqus account they give you a short name shortcut for the comment area. You just have to make sure its on each page that you put the comments section in.

Hope this helps.

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