Divider space too thick

Using Blocs latest…

When I use a standard divider, the spacing is too wide, perhaps too “thick” is the correct wording.
I use the controls to adjust all way down to 1 pixel…still it seems the "buffer area is too wide (thick).
How am I screwing this up?

D Settings

Advice is appreciated!

Rich the Weather Guy

That “buffer” area is margin. You can look in the inspector to get the divider class then add it to your class manager. Or you can use bootstrap classes straight on the divider



Will remove the margin top and bottom. You can set the 0 to 1 through to 5 to vary the margin.

That you Pete.
I will have to mess around with that!

Rich the Weather Guy

Hey Pete:

Went to BS 5 help pages, found what you were pointing to, but I can’t seem to add any class, or adjust the Blocs code for this:
Class Div
Won’t let me alter, adjust or add that class?

A little more help would be appreciated!


Rich the Weather Guy

You’ll need to add it to the divider itself:

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Hi Jerry:

That worked…but the odd thing is the class does not appear in my classes box? However, I did type in “MY-1” and that did work.

Thank you!!

Rich the Weather Guy

You can have some great fun with trying my-2, my-3, my-4 and my-5 as well :laughing:

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@WeatherguyNH - you can call it anything I’m sure!

MY - GOSH! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not if you’re using BS classes. There are specific names.

Why create another class when there are existing classes your page is already loading.

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Am I doing something wrong using “MY” whatever?

What do you mean?

Yes. :grinning :
You can only use 1-5 or auto out of the box.


So how exactly do I use this info? Like I said, when I click on the divider, no class is present?

Thanks Jerry…

Rich the Weather Guy

Click inside the box :computer_mouse:. You should see now a blinking cursor. Once the cursor is blinking you type on your keyboard :keyboard: my-0 and press enter. Now the name: my-0 should visible on a pill–shape grey background. If nothing happens you’ve most likely made an error in the sequence above and you should start all over from step 1 :upside_down_face:.

More about the blinking cursor history here:

Exactly what I did in the first place.
Thank you for verifying… :woozy_face:

Rich the Weather Guy

That blinking cursor story is quite interesting…

Thanks for sharing!

Rich the Weather Guy