Dj webpage made with Blocs

Hi, I leave all my last work done with Blocs


Nice job, well done.

looks great!

Thanks Flashman

Thanks Norm

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Nice. I like it.

Thanks Ben I’m glad you liked it

Nice, good job

@mariojazz Its Awesome !

Thanks Recce43

Thanks Kevin

hallo, kompliment!!!
wie hast du den kontaktformular mit der rechnung hingekriegt?
danke für info

Hi, I’m new to this group Blocs.
I have read many posts in the community and wanted to thank you for your dedication and comments.
@norm especially for this great application.
A @mariojazz congratulate you on your beautiful website only comment that I have viewed in Firefox, Safari does not work properly.
Best regards.

Nice job on website :slight_smile: