Documentation for all styles in styles.css

Is there documentation which describes in detail the CSS found in styles.css. I am already aware of this:

But I guess there’s a lot more tweaks to the bootstrap styles than just the things listed in the subclass guide.

For example this:

.d-bloc .card, .l-bloc {

  1. color: rgba(0,0,0,.5);

or this:


As blocs is built on bootstrap 4, the following site may help:

I hope this is what you are looking for


Thanks bourne, but that’s doesn’t help. I’m referring to custom CSS that is written by Blocs in styles.css outside of the “normal” Bootstrap 4 CSS

Hi @gary

As far as I understand it but I may be wrong, Blocs uses the same denomination as Bootstrap 4 with the exception I believe to the classes we create (name) ourselves…

Anyone with more insight ?


Correct. I’ve talked about it previously …

So what you are asking for is documentation of this initial CSS override that Blocs provides.

Since Blocs is constantly being updated that documentation could be an ongoing challenge to keep updated. What could help is if @norm works from a commented developer version of this style sheet? If so then there are ways to automate documentation of CSS files (much like JS). Which could be useful in suppling users insight into that initial “style.css” override, or for the blocs.js file also.

But Blocs is about visual simplicity, so I’m not sure that many users want to dig into such things?


Thanks for the thorough information.

Thanks for the Info! But yea, well,I kinda need to dig sometimes :wink:

but hey, it’s no big deal. I can figure out about 90% of the CSS in styles.css on my own. Just was curious to know if someone at sometime had documented the code and what it does …