Does Blocs allow for comments to be placed after each image?

Right now I am trying to assess whether to go with Blocs or Sandvox. I am barely literate in basic computereze and due to advancing age English as well. I would like to be able to put a comment section after each posted image (as well as easily removing it after realizing what a misguided idea this is), is this possible? There are many examples of what can be done with Sandvox on its site, is there somewhere I can find similar examples of what others have created with Blocs? Looking forward (theoretically) to your suggestions.

When you say ‘comment section’, do you mean a mechanism for users to add comments to your site?

If so, Blocs makes it very easy to add Disqus comment sections to your web page. But comment sections like this are usually a per page method, and not a per element method. If you are considering multiple image elements - and comment sections per page… I dunno what to tell you.

Thanks for your reply and I was hoping for a per image option, but I suppose a per page option might be a little less masochistic. I take it these comments would stay on the site rather than being forwarded to me by some email option. Thanks again I shall mull this over.

Curious, does Sandvox offer this?

You can adjust settings in your Disqus account for alerts or notifications on comments.

You could use a Gallery Bloc that sends the user when they click on the thumbnail image to its own page via a URL interaction where each larger image, with detailed information about it can be Disqus-ed on its on page. Of course depending on your number of photos you would have to determine how applicable any of this would be.

Another option might be setting “Social Share” for each image, which could be another (perhaps better) option:

That would allow user interaction on a per image basis across many social networks. But would probably require implementing it “Post Export” via altering the source code from Blocs.

@norm, I know I keep mentioning it, but I think a lot of users could strongly benefit from social media integration and implemented inside of Blocs. It seems way past due for Blocs given the usage history and timeline of social media itself. If Blocs is gonna target making “Modern” websites, with “SEO”, then social is a huge part of both those things and long over due. :wink:

Thanks for the reply Norm
I can’t overstate the depth and breadth of my (congenital) ignorance but I have gleaned that an addon like Disqus or Livefyre is necessary in both Blocs and Sandvox. I was kind of hoping for a bloc, brick, tile or some other thingie to easily slap on each image but upon reflection each themed page would probably do. My best bet is to download a trial and see whether my anxieties are justified.
Thanks again

Blocs has a Disqus Bric

But as discussed above you would need to determine the best way to use it on your site.

FYI: I am not @norm :wink: Just a drifting bystander and measly user at times.

Thanks Not Norm
That is a big help. I guess things like the site’s short name will mean something once I get a server. One more thing if you would be so kind Not Norm could you direct me to the motherload source… oh wait a minute I guess it is- Maybe there is hope for me yet!
Thanks again measly drifting bystander

You’re welcome.

Yes you are correct the documentation is located at , with talk and confirmation lately that the documentation will be getting a major update and improvement over the course of the next few 2.X versions (ie: 2.4.x, etc.,).

I keep meaning to add this but it gets bumped behind other features because you can just use the HTML widget with 3rd party solutions such as AddThis or direct code snippets from the network.

What would you like to see, just more social buttons like the Twitter bric? I would personally like to add Twitter card support.


I just think most people probably fall short even with implementing it as you stated via the HTML widget, and would benefit from a more direct ability to add the various common social media interactions.

This assumption is based upon what appears to be most users not adding too much past what Blocs offers natively (Blocs/Brics) from what I have seen. As well as many users seeking and mentioning social integration over time that I have witnessed.

That’s why I from time to time continue to mention it as it appears most users do not understand or are unaware of how to go about accomplishing various implementations. It may even be past most users scope of understanding that wish to solely use Blocs simply for its ease of use nature and hope to avoid any interaction of code on any level.

It just seems like it would strongly benefit the Blocs user base and app offering itself, so I keep mentioning it.


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Thanks for your input (real) Norm
My initial vision was to have something like they do on DeviantArt … an image and under it comments. I do feel however I should download a trial and start exploring so at least I have a modicum of comprehesion. I think Not Norm put his finger on it when he observed many of us have no clue about HTML and the more self contained the program the better. I do however recognize given the vast and varying needs of Blocs users you cannot be everything to everyone. As an addendum it would be helpful for me to see a specific site with examples of what others are creating with Blocs.
Thanks again for your time and reply.

You can see some sites users built using Blocs @

How extensive of a image collection are you wishing to use or implement?

As stated above you could have a main page which uses one of the various Gallery Blocs and duplicate the thumbnails as needed or create separate gallery sections. Then for each thumbnail image in the Gallery Bloc, change its “interaction” to use “Type > Navigate to page”. So each thumbnail image would have its own corresponding actual page which would have your larger version of the image (and anything else you desire) and the “Disqus Bric” underneath it for people to use for commenting about each image on the respective image pages. Make sense?

Again that all depends on the scope of your project and the volume of images you are speaking of and how much work it would require if there are tons of images. But it would be one possible method of accomplishing what you have mentioned.

To my knowledge Disqus does not offer comment collapsing as a default so having a bunch of images and Disqus comment areas setup on the same page vertically, would require extensive user scrolling once people start commenting and not offer a very effective user experience anyway.

Thus the above suggestion as one alternative.

It is on the verge of making sense and your reference to comment collapsing is a good point. So if I am understanding this no matter how many or how few comment sections I add none of them would be collapsable? I will check out Livefyre to see if they offer collapsing. I thank you one and all for your suggestions and at this point it all seems somewhat daunting.
Time for reassessing and mulling (again).

Has anyone had any success adding ‘AddThis’ social buttons to a blocs site?
I haven’t been able to get them to appear as of yet, I have pasted the html code in my homepages body and also tried with a bloc and html widget with the code inside but no luck from either.

Anyone got any ideas to get that working?

Don’t know what you’re trying to add?
If what you’re trying to post here on this forum is HTML code then you need to highlight the code portion and mark it as code </> or we can’t see it.

You might want to create this question as a new topic rather than replying to an old post.

I was just referring to a point spoken about above. AddThis is a tool to add social media buttons to web pages. I wasn’t trying to post any code in my comment, just interested to see if anyone has managed to get the social buttons working on a blocs site?

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Before you jump to sandvox ( never heard of it before ), give the demos a try.

I just looked at two sites created with sandvox and neither was responsive, which would be a complete deal-breaker for me. It may be that sandvox can produce responsive sites, but maybe not. The on-site reviews are all old, so I wonder where this software is right now in terms of development.

I’m not saying that blocsapp is ideal for your purposes, but I’d consider whether sandvox is either.

Isn’t it just a question of adding the URL link for your social media account? What’s the difficulty?

No, the desired share buttons would open a window for the viewer to share the page or article they are viewing. Rather than just linking them to a facebook page, that can be done with a simple link.