Does Blocs generate hidden files?


does Blocs generate any hidden file?

I am asking about that as I have chosen Hosting Linux and in the case of upload of hidden files, to delete them I need to send a specific request to the provider because the FTP client can not delete them.

Please advise, thanks,

Not intentionally, but MacOS is responsible for the file generation so it may be that the OS generated hidden files.


Sorry for the out of topic, is there a way to check for hidden files under OSX? I looked for that but it does not seem easy, at least to me.

Please advise, dan

in the more modern macs there is a new option to show the hidden files, now instead of a Terminal command you can use the shortcut Command+Shift+period sign. open the exported blocs folder or for that reson any other folder on your mac including the Machintosh HD and type the shortcut and if there are some hidden files, those will be visible. use the same shortcut to hide them again.

Thank you for that information. I wasn’t aware of this but it works for me (Sierra).

Seems to be available to Macs starting with Sierra (OSX 10.12).

Yummy FTP Client (if you use that) has a button to choose to show invisible files.