Does Blocsapp always load full CSS Framework

Does the Blocsapp always use the entire CSS Bootstrap framework? My question pertains to website file sizes and loading speed.

If I am only using 4-5 sections of the frame work, does it really need to load the entire framework?

On the contrary, so much if the internet uses Bootstrap is it possible the browsers are caching the framework from website to website thereby negating the need to truncate the framework. Possibly even penalizing the actual load speed if it is truncated. (Assuming of course that the framework is loaded from a proper common CDN)

What are your thoughts?

After the first page lid, the whole framework CSS will be already browser cached.

Yes I understand after the first page load.

I’m sorry I wasn’t clear. I mean from the visitors first visit. That is the critical point of speed for both the visitor and the SEO. If the initial load is not fast enough we take a big chance of the visitors clicking back or away to another search result.

Great over delivering content will keep them in the website. The second page, made correctly with the same CSS base will be automatically fast.

It uses the entire framework but it’s mimified by default. I’m not sure on the size but it’s pretty small.

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Everything is like the size of a reasonably sized image. Its really not a major issue that I can see, everybody has the same overhead (for the most part).


Bootstrap file sizes:
css: 160kb min, 20kb gzip’d
js: 60kb

Very reasonable and I agree with @Malachiman well said “everybody has that same overhead”.


I think gone are the days, where we waited 2mins for the clapping Jesus animated Gif to load and the bright green heading text. :grin:

Even with a 3 Mbit ADSL connection, those assets load quick. Unless your target audience is dial-up I would just be sensible with making sure all your own assets are properly optimised.

And also to have good hosting.


@Whittfield, thank you for the numbers! That helps!

Thank you everyone, the conversation is appreciated!