Does Drag and Drop for images not work on trial version?


I am looking at buying Blocs to replace Sandvox as my website builder, and have been testing the trial version. However whenever I try to drag and drop an image into blocs nothing happens. No errors, no changes.

I have tried this from my Photo app, from files from the desktop. I’ve tried this with different images and made sure they were all reasonably sized. Also importing into the assets manager seems to work and I can still drag and drop these images into Sandvox.

I’m wondering if perhaps this feature is disabled in the trial version? It does not say so anywhere in the notice?

That should work normally in trial mode I would imagine. Have you tried adding an image bric, then dragging over an image like this?

As @Flashman says in his answer, you can only drag and drop images into an image container. So, you must add an image bric to your page before you can drag images into it. However, this isn’t the best way to go with images. Dragging and dropping images from different parts of your computer will cause you problems later if you decide to re-open your project file and the images are no longer in the location they were originally dragged from. It’s best to copy or move all your image assets into a specific folder that can be stored in the same location as your blocs project file. This will ensure that they remain linked. Also, all images added to your project will be automatically placed in your asset manager. When this happens, a link to the image is stored in the asset manager so it can find the image in the future. If the image is no longer in its original location, the app will give you a missing assets error when you next open the project file.

I would second everything @hendon52 said. As an alternative, you may also host images remotely on the server and add them to the asset manager. This isn’t always practical for me as an option when working on a client website, but I always do it on my own websites.

Make sure you run the app from the applications folder and check it’s not been quarantine.

Dragging images into the app should work as expected without the need to add image Brics when you drag over the Bloc area look for a blue insertion bar.

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