Don’t see pictures

Hello all. I just installed Blocs on my macbook pro too. Now I don’t see the pictures I add in the manager and in my project. Only when I preview I can see the pictures I put in. Any suggestions how to solve this? Thanks in advance

Nobody knows why this happens? Maybe @Norm ?

Did you copy the pictures to the same folder and relative path from where you copied the project file to on you MacBook that matches the same file structure on your other Blocs installation?

Thanks @eagle. Started a new project on the Macbook. So all new.

@Norm no suggestion how to solve this?

@r_botman So, can you take screen shot of the directory structure of the picture directory and blocs project directory. Also, are the files on a local drive as opposed to iCloud or external drive?

I have always used a directory structure something like the following where the pictures are in a subdirectory of where the Blocs project is and have never had any issue like you describe.


Structure etc is the same as I use in my imac @eagle. Really don’t know why I can not see the pictures, only see them when I preview

@r_botman If there are not too many (or try just a few), try deleting them from assets manager, close project (and save), reopen and add assets back.