Donate button

Hi all. Is there anyone who knows how to add a Donate button to a blocs website?

Does this help?

You need to start with a payment gateway. As @Flashman points out PayPal probably have one of the easiest to setup.

Thanks both. Problem is that payments then only can be done with a paypal account. Right? No iDEAL or Creditcard’s

With PayPal you can receive payments by cards…

Or forward them to me :wink:


Lol. Very funny

@r_botman could be easier to send to me, I will make sure I “forward” it to @Flashman

As of a couple of years ago, you don’t need a PayPal account to use it, just a credit or debit card. Definitely the easiest way to go.

Thanks all. Will check the Paypal option

Perhaps Mollie has some options too:

Thanks @Malachiman. Will check this too

Look what I found:

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That is nice @Mattheus! Thanks!!!