Don't forget!

Hi, and happy holidays to all who take a break this time of year, where ever you are in the world.
DON’T FORGET to update the year to 2017 if it appears on your webspace anywhere.
Nobody wants a site that looks like it isn’t maintained.

Keep up the good work Blocs team, and I hope we all keep chatting in the years ahead; it has proved to be a great help, I hope you all agree.

Andy (UK)


Keep on movin’

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I totally agree with this!!!

but I never do this alone, there for we have scripts :slight_smile:

my sites do this on 01-01 of every year AUTOMATIC , and yes you can do this with blocs as well

Go to page settings, click add code
put this line of code inside the HEAD

<script type="text/javascript">var d=new Date(); var TODAY = d.getFullYear(); </script>

and then you make a HTML bric:
and put this inside

<p>Copyright © 2015-<script type="text/javascript"> document.write(TODAY);</script></p>

done :slight_smile:

if you want to give it your own class, then you make a class style, name it .footer-text
and put my line of code in a DIV

like this:
<div class="footer-text"><p>Copyright © 2015-<script type="text/javascript"> document.write(TODAY);</script></p></div>

I have this in all my sites
( before you start to play with this ALL WAYS make a backup or copy your .bloc file )


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New to me, thanks @sandy

I’m not sure automation is applicable to all. The year is based on the update you have made with the site you’ve built haha so if you haven’t revised or update your site, automation is kindda misleading hahahaha just a thought. So better not use automation and update the year manually. Based on my Website Dev experience some of website designer do this hahaha and its kinnda cheating haha :slight_smile:

@sandy I’ve used these types of scripts in the past. They work well.


We could do with a shared storage for all these little scripts, they’re so useful.
I requested multiple notes for the note icin at the bottom of the sidebar, but have too many now, so using Onenote.
Happy Christmas Blocheads!

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