Don't know why?

I’m working through another tutorial - this time a button with an image using a custom class (resume button). My picture is 275 × 183 and this is what I am getting:



What am I doing wrong please?

Don’t worry. Guess I kinda sorted it out. Sorry for troubling you

Hi @Mitaka,

The picture size will not be applied automatically to your button. I guess you are following my tutorial, and the one mistake you made is you didn’t change px to %. 100px will restrict your image to be just 100px in width, but you want to make it 100% (I guess).

You also have options to position the image in the center, left, right, etc.


Amazing what a nights sleep will do. Worked perfectly this morning. Thank you. I deleted my custom class and started afresh following your details to the dot and all worked out just fine.