Double Scroll Bars

Hello, I’m new to Blocs (just got here from the world of Muse). I am simply teaching myself how Blocs works right now, I don’t have anything online to show…

So my question is regarding a double scroll bar issue.

I am creating a page for a client, just a tech demo, to show some of the things I’ll be able to do via Blocs. One item I was hoping to show was a hidden carousel that is revealed when using a button to toggle it on/off.

Unfortunately when toggling the carousel, I am getting double scroll bars down the right side of the browser window.

I see in the release notes for version 3.1.2 that this was an issue that had been fixed, caused by users who have scroll bars forced to be on via system preferences (which I always do).

Is there anything I can do to prevent double scroll bars from appearing? Or is thing something that would need to be addressed in a future release?

EDIT: Ah, just found something that might be helpful. So I had some scroll FX activated for a few items on the page. I turned off the scroll FX and the double scroll bar issue went away. …though, I’d like to be able to turn those back on. Hoping someone might have a fix. :slight_smile: