Double slashes

I had a ticket open with @Norm and he suggested asking the Forum.

But I think I may need to go back to GoDaddy on this one…

I’ve started to get double slashes on my URLs, after the domain name, except on the homepage.

Like in the middle of this:

I contacted my hoster, GoDaddy, who tell me it’s a ‘developer’s fault’ issue. They also sent this, which means nothing to me…

On my FTP client (Cloudy) I removed the ‘optional’ slash from the ‘remote path’ box, which has never caused a problem anyway, but am still getting double slashes.

(It may or may not be connected with GoDaddy somehow updating my DNS something or other so my URL wasn’t prefixed with a ‘site not secure’ message, even though I already had the certificate thingy.)

Any ideas folks? Ta!

Not sure why this happen. We see this often in our site analytics.

My thoughts was that my having something with project url in project settings. But since we don’t have slash trail at the end. It’s not a problem. Inside links we have everything fine.

Can you check your url in project setting?


No slash there.

Apparently, it’s not good SEO practice to have a //.

Not that that’s an issue with my ‘hobby’ site. But it would be good to get to the bottom of it!