Downloading Update 3.4.5

@Norm, I have been trying to download the update for 3.4.5 and its downloading very slow. I am on a 1gb pipe and I just downloaded Ubuntu 18.0.4 which weighs 1.2gb in a couple of minutes, nevertheless, bloc update is 29.3mb and it’s taking 30 minutes to download.

I did my homework, and have tested downloads from other sources, and all those downloads complete within seconds some, and within minutes the larger ones. I checked the connection with Wireshark and it says the download bandwidth is around 7kb/s.

Towards the end of the download, when there is only 2mb left, the download crashes and hangs.

I checked on this site, and found this has happened before with your updates, so do you have a secondary link we can use or can you host it somewhere with more bandwidth? Maybe there is a connection between me and your server that is wonky, but I have been trying to download this for the past couple of days and its been pretty much the same.

me too… :slight_smile:

mine was extremely slow but eventually finished. took almost 10minutes

Slower than most downloads, but got there in just over 5 minutes.
Thanks @Norm

as we speak it’s fast now.
Took about 10 seconds.

In Portugal we have borders closed, but Blocs update passed… :shushing_face: :shushing_face: :shushing_face: