Drag and drop | copy and paste between pages

Dear Norm, and other moderators,

I feel llike i’m working with rocks and sticks… on a beach… at the beginning of times…

I want to combine 2 pages…
so I’ve created a new page… and the two originals (that I want to combine…) i’ve saved as templates.
But it still frustraties the hell out of me. I’m not able to drag and drop, or copy paste brics and blocks into the new page. AND .!!
that I have to scroll down to my new page.
And i’m true to the ways of the forum so I search in questions…this is taking so much time.

The best way to handle this is to save your created blocs as custom blocs to your bloc library. This enables you to add those blocs to other pages. If you no longer need those blocs in the future, you can easily remove them from your library.

To save a bloc, just right click on the bloc and select “Add bloc to library”:

As for individual brics that you may have customised, these should be part of a custom bloc. When you create a new webpage that requires your custom brics, just add the bloc contains the brics to your page duplicate and/or move the brics to where you want them to appear. Once done, you can trash the original bloc you aded to the page.

I know this… i’ve been working with blocs for quite some time now. However, I’m mixen two sites into one. And herefore I have 2 pages… that need to mingle. So it is not an issue of formatting… but substance…

@Anita Sorry, I answered this question in your other thread so moved it here again - The only other solution is to open both pages in your project (add new page and select one of your template pages). Add the second page in the same way. You should now have three pages in the project, your original page plus the two template pages.

You then select a bloc that you wish to copy from any page and use the duplicate option. You will be asked for a destination for the duplicate. Select the page where you are merging your content. The block will now be copied to its destination. Repeat this for all other blocs from any of the template pages. Once the blocks are all on the correct page, move the blocs up or down to reorder them how you wish. You can then delete the template pages from the project.

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Oh Hendon! top… and I can only give you one heart in return!
I’m gonna figure it out!! Thnx!!!

And then I didn’t select the bric… but the content of the bric… !

and thus it was copied on the same page, I didn’t get ‘the forward to option’.
By collecting the blocs it works!! yeay

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@Anita Glad you sorted it. Blocs has a number of useful features - it’s just a question of getting used to how it works. The good news is you always have this forum to come to if you get unstuck - have fun!