Dropdown menu cut out


I am trying to use a dropdown menu on a page with a carousel on it but my dropdown is cut off behind the carousel whenever I click it.

How do I fix that?

Hi @sarthaksachdeva

This is not suppose to happen.

I have updated the file I posted for you in your other post with a carousel and you can see there is no issue.

Dropdown with Carousel.bloc (2.8 MB)

I suspect you may have accidentally done something wrong…

However, difficult to assist further without seeing the original project.


Here’s my original project. Your help would be truly appreciated :


Hi @sarthaksachdeva

Here is the “corrected” file which works as it should (had to compress it because of its size).

CodeSwitching - Interlock-1.bloc.zip (566.4 KB)

Let me know if it works.

I actually deleted your navigation and re-created it.


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Thank you, this works like a charm! You’re the best!

Oh you’re very welcome.