Dropdown Menu’s

Hi guys,

I assume these have been a hit topic in the past, but I’m looking to do a dropdown menu similar to this with multiple dropdowns if possible.

I have read about using the Sub Menu and havent had chance to investigate using this as of yet but wondered if anyone had come across doing something similar and maybe could be a future request for a blocs store item.

Multi level submenus is not natively supported with Bootstrap 4, but there is a lot of code examples available online on how to extended the nav system to support them.

For eg. https://www.jqueryscript.net/menu/bootstrap-navbar-multi-level-dropdowns.html

I am not aware of a way of doing that in Blocs without using the code bric. @Eldar may have a suggestion thats easy to implement.

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Hi, thanks for bribing this to my attention. I don’t have my MacBook with me these days (Replacing the keyboard at Apple), but I will try to find a solution if there is any as soon as I get it back.



Time to order that 16" @Eldar :wink:

Im putting my order in this week.

Suffering with a head cold here and before my first morning coffee, but in theory this is doable by multiple dropdown menus. In practice it might be a nightmare to edit though.

N.B Thinking about it a second this might be less of an issue now, since the SEO title bug was fixed but it’s still a bit convoluted on the edit canvass. I had been forced to alter the names via the label after adjusting the SEO titles and these could only be located reliably by prodding about in the layer tree.

I did something similar recently with just two levels and found I had to locate every element via the layer tree due to overlap on the editing canvass. More layers would become really tricky.




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Having a think about it. Even considering a mega menu could be an option. I think @Eldar has a tutorial for that?

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Thanks for the suggestions guys, will read them and have a play around today, realistically I’d be looking at 3 layers max but potentially just 2.

Main > Sub > Sub Sub

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