Dropdown menu spacing

I have looked for an answer to this but do not see a way to achieve this. In my nav menu I have two buttons that look great on desktop but in mobile there is no space between the buttons. How can I add margin to these buttons when i can’t access the buttons in the mobile menu when designing?

Hi @cableguy30,

You will find the classes for the collapsed menu in the class manager.

If you open the class manager. Click the + icon then use the subclass drop down menu you will see them listed under Special Navigation.

I usually add all of them.

i have tried all of them but they do not work on the buttons

Oh right. Sorry I missed the buttons bit.

You can make a custom class and add that class to the buttons and add the margins or padding’s you want to what ever break points your collapsible nav are enabled on.

Yep that worked! Thanks for the help!

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