Dropdown submenu to bloc

Hi everyone, I think the title says it all.
I have a large hero pic, and below that the company ethos/description. The hero pic is taking up all of the screen so people don’t really know what’s below.
I know how to link to a bloc, it’s just the bit of getting the dropdown submenu that’s fooling me at the moment.
Thanks all.
Brainfart of Surrey!

Decided to veer way from using the Primary menu settings and use manual links. I can get it working this way.

Hi @TrevReav,

Are you using the Hero Bloc for this? as I needed some advice on when I add a large image to create my own Hero photo, it over hangs the page, but it sits perfect on the Hero Bloc (scroll to next bloc works great in the Hero Bloc, but not when I add my own large image)…wondered how the simplest way to do a Hero home page and have my menu on the top 100% same as the whole website.

Not sure if i made sense!..lol

Hi @AdieJAM, not 100% sure what you’re after here, and I’m not at my Mac now for the rest of the day, but all I did was use the hero block which includes logo and menu and dropped my pic in as a background image. And that was it!
I placed this in the dynamic, rather than the global header section, as I’m having a different menu on the rest of the site.
That’s probably no help whatsoever.