duplicate bloc


I have a question when I create a new page (page> new) all that I add in my page home appears in the new page :frowning:

and also if I add in the new page it adds in the home page .

there is an option to disable this?

thank you

You’ve added all your content to the global area of the page. Pages in blocs are broken into 3 sections.

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to follow up on @Norm’s reply, here’s what you want to look for.

Look at the Layer Tree, you will see blue vertical lines which indicate a bloc is in the Global area of the editor, which means they will appear in every page, including when you duplicate a page with these blocs already placed.

blocs with grey Vertical lines in the Layer Tree, are blocs that will only appear on the page you have open in the editor (of course saved in any page they exist as well), and will be included if you duplicate ‘this’ page.

To move blocs out of the global area, select the bloc in the layer tree, then on your keyboard press COMMAND + OPTION and use the up or down arrows on your keyboard according to the direction you are moving the bloc.

btw, you don’t need to use the global area if you don’t wish, but they are helpful for having common elements like footers and Navigation you wish to have the same on every page. You can create a project with navigation in the ‘Dynamic’ area, too, so there is much flexibility here.


In the page setting which you can access in the upper right, you can turn of Global ares for the TOP and BOTTOM per page as well.

Perhaps, if you haven’t aleardy, check out Eldar’s free or premium BlocsMaster tutorials: https://blocs.store/category/tutorials/


oh thank you :slight_smile: