Duplicate class


It would be excellent if we could duplicate classes.

Duplicate a class style

Like duplicate a class but change it’s name, so a potential new class starts with the values of another?


Yes, I have image buttons, and it would be great if I could keep the values and just changed the images.


This would be very helpful.
Also a searchable class manager would help a lot.


@Bootsie, @Norm I agree… a searchable class manager would be very Nice…
I would also see a potential in a categorised class manager, like the Asset Manager…
Later… fix the Bugs first…

Merry Christmas to You all……


A christmas wish for me to, copy a class with same settings but give it a new name! Yessss thanks


Yes, I agree – being able to duplicate a class would be great – then I could tweak a new class starting from an existing one I’ve already worked on.

Regarding class organization, I’d suggest a grid with page names columns and class name rows. Then a check could be at each spot in the grid. That way you could easily see which classes are being used where.

The more I use Blocs, the more I like it.


Yes this would be so useful. Ideally with an option to take an existing custom class from another project and make changes with a different name, so that it doesn’t affect existing projects.

It does occur to me that if you are building a lot of sites and using custom classes frequently it would actually be useful if there was some means to include a summary of what a custom class includes before applying it. This could even be user generated, so it contains as much or as little information as the user wants.


I agree that duplicating class could be a good thing


chiming in with my +1 on this. (was just searching the forum to see if it is possible).

So often im physically writing down relatively complicated CSS mods… just so I can apply it to another element, with minor changes.

If I could just duplicate the rule on onto a new element (with like a ‘+1’ temp new name or something) it would be a massive deal.


+1 for me as well
For now I have to adjust all the settings in a new class manually.


… which is a pain …