Duplicate not working on 3.2.2

Duplicate a page on blocs 3.2.2 is not working.

Hi @kwakukwaku
on my Mac there is no problem. I can duplicate a page ( version 3.2.2

When you select the page you want to duplicate, and click ‘create’ nothing happens.

Nothing also happens when you right click on the pages panel.

Okay, this is Strange. I only duplicate pages with the right click and click duplicate …like in your example. This works. Do you have this problem only in this project ?

@tom2 I find it very strange…its only this project. Other projects works.

It could be caused by an asset page name. I fixed some issues in 3.2.3 regarding templates. I may also need a copy of the file.

@Norm okay how do I send you the file?