Duplicated a page

Hi, I duplicated a page to play with how it would look on the page and if I don’t like it, I can delete the page without affecting the original.
I had 3 webpages in my project: Home, Services, Services (duplicated). Made my changes on the Services page, when I went to the Page Navigator, I see my Home page correctly, however when I click on it to see it on the main page, the content is wiped with what is from Service page!
I played it to see if it solved the issue but it confirmed that my content has been replaced with the page I was working on.


It sounds like you made changes to blocs/brics inside the global areas. Maybe you added what should have been the dynamic, content area to one of them by mistake?
Easily done - I’ve done it myself - until I got my head around things.

Thanks for the response TrevReav, I am pretty sure I worked on the Dynamic area. Plus when I switch to the page navigator, the thumbnail on the home page show correctly. But when I try to work on it, the red print is not there and replaced with the Service page content. Take a look. Suggestions?

@TrevReav: Read a little more and you’re absolutely correct. SIGH. Now I have to figure out how to move that content into the dynamic range and hope my content in the main Home page didn’t go away.

Looks like I have lost my content but was able to move my Global range to Dynamic by reading more in the forums. At least I didn’t lose both sections.

I am getting familiar with Blocs 3 and starting to really like the flexibility it brings.

Its good practice to periodically make backups of your project file.

Along with TimeMachine, I also (especially before big modifications, or experimenting) will right click the project file and duplicate it. Basically manual version control lol.

Hi, pleased it all worked out for you (sort of) and you found the problem. Sorry for the late reply - DIY, beer and sleep got in the way!

Thanks @Malachiman, learned the hard way.

@TrevReav LOL. No worries and thanks again!