Duplicating pages and adding unique content

I have duplicated a page and changed the content in several areas of the new page. I’m using the same heading and paragraph Brics that were duplicated. When I update the text for a Bric on one page, the text on all pages is being updated. Is this working as intended?

If so, maybe we could discuss having optional functionality. I think it’s a superb feature to have global Blocs & Brics for sure, but also a great time saving feature to do what I’m trying to do.


Sounds like you have content in the global areas. The pages have blue lines separating the different zones.

First, thanks for your help.

Yes, I have navigation and Logo in the global header. I was under the impression that only that content would be globally updated. The text I’m referring to isn’t in a global block. (below the blue line)

Thanks again.

I started to rebuild the project since I wasn’t having much luck. Things are working out in the new build. The blue line is misleading in the original project. It’s after the heading even though that’s not true in this case.

Anyway, this new build is working fine, I thought you should know.

Thanks again.

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