Duplicating pages issue.. not idea

Hi guys!I think I had read this before from someone here but I think the question was not solved.
I am sure Blocs can do thi super simple, I’m just so newbie that I have no idea.
So, I got a page in english (Home) and I duplicated the page to have an Italian page.
Both of them I want them to be the almost the same. The only things that changes are obviously the language and some different pictures and in the Italian page 1 less bloc… when I do this, the original English page also changes as same as the Italian page and vice-versa.
No clue… how do I prevent this for happening. version 3
I am sure is easy but I don’t know where is that option to prevent it.
Many thanks!

Is your content in the global area or the dynamic area? The first is normally reserved for things like he menu or footer, so changes are identical on every page. If your content is in the dynamic area this is a scary bug that we saw in the past, but should have been fixed back in Blocs 2. What version of Blocs are you using?

On a side note, I wish there was a feature on this forum for users to include system information and Blocs version. It would make troubleshooting so much easier.

I think it is the global area’s that go Italian. Since I just started rebuilding one of my websites I will soon encounter the same issue (dutch - english) … :slight_smile: I think I will make 2 websites and redirect … not sure yet.

Hello @Murgen I think using @Flashman explanation, move the contents from the global area to the dynamic area, then copy that bloc or blocs that were in the global area to all English pages (using duplicate in the bloc then it will ask you were you want to copy them),
After that you can copy all the pages to Italian and just make the changes that you need.
This way you keep the site in only one blocs project.

But that’s only my point of view.

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