Dynamic Form Contact

How can I create a dynamic form contact? For example for different ages, or different people. If you select 18 male I want to show a contact form different from 18 female and another different for 20 male and 20 female

Something like this: https://www.commercialistaonline.co/preventivi-rapidi/

Hey @theenrico

The form bric in blocs is fairly basic, it doesn’t support any logic. You Have to either make your own or find something online you can incorporate in Blocs.

Where can I create one in html and copy-paste in html bric?

HTML really only covers the visual side the user interacts with, you still need code such as JavaScript or PHP to handle the form.

@hendon52 may have a suggestion for you?

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It may be simpler to create a number of variants of your form - preferably in modals. You would then create a set of buttons on your page that best describes the person filling the form. Professional, personal, age range or whatever. The button clicked then opens the appropriate form in a modal. That form will only contain the fields relevant to the users choice. Where you have a multiple-choice situation. You could use the blocs visibility option to show more button choices if a particular button is clicked. For example, you could have a button for say Professional Users. This could then reveal a number of other buttons, for example, age range buttons. So, these would ultimately display the appropriate form with all the fields required.

The problem with dynamic forms is that it often involves third-party integrations which can get quite complicated to use and rely on third party servers to deliver results.

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Thanks for your reply