E-Mail always go into spam folder

Hello dear friends,

I created this website for a customer https://wbg-remscheid.de

If you send an email via the contact form, it always ends up in the customer’s spam folder.

Does anyone have a similar experience and how to avoid it?


Well, I would reconfigure the email inbox from your customer to not send it to spam…


Have them whitelist the sending email address coming from the server. It’s nothing to do with Blocs, and all about their email client & spam filters.


This is related to the spam score allocated to the email by the receiving server. You should configure your client’s email server to not be so picky about what it considers to be spam. Whitelisting the domain on the mail server is a simple way to do this. Alternatively, if your server allows it, you can change the spam level at which marking email as spam gets triggered.

You don’t have an SPF Record on the domain, I’d add that to the DNS and also include the IP address of the hosting server too as a start.

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