E-Mail form problems since Version 2.6.4?

Hello community

Have a question regarding the current e-mail form … I can no longer center the labels / headings of the fields (not even if I apply a class for it)? And the form tells me online permanently that the e-mail could not be sent. So far the e-mail form worked in every other version? Do you have the problem too?

Thanks in advance :blush:

Blocs Version: 2.6.4
MacOS Mojave 10.14


no, I do not have these problems. How do you center your form? I centered it by centering the form element itself using a class.

Thank you very much, just found that I can probably still give a classe even if my mouse cursor in the field is no longer flashing. Thought therefore that the field would not be selectable :thinking:

But was not it just by clicking on the label and pressing the center field alignment? See attachement…

Hello @Phil,

no, this do not works, because it centers the text inside the label, and the label has the same width as the text.

OK…thank you :+1: