Easier to find bloc addition graphic in edit mode

I often find myself having to hunt quite a bit at the bottom or top of a bloc, before the blue graphic plus sign becomes visible, so I can add another bloc. I can’t help feeling it should easier to locate, rather than only appear when the cursor passes directly over the hidden graphic.

Deleting a bloc is pretty easy, because the blue square remains visible as long as the bloc is selected, but on a big wide screen I effectively have to scrabble around the bottom or top of the bloc to locate an invisible item that is roughly 50 pixels square before it appears. Given that it takes barely a second for a page to preview I can’t help feeling it would be hugely helpful if the plus sign was more visible in edit mode.


I often come across this problem, but a simple tip is to find another blue plus sign in an adjacent or nearby bloc which is easier to find, then just use “move up/down” to put the new bloc where you want it.

If we are looking for workarounds to perform basic tasks I think that suggests some improvement is needed. The process of selecting new blocs should be instant without playing hide and seek with invisible graphics.