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Just a general thought, whats then best way to do a proper pagination with Blocs…or a simple one !?

I am creating case studies / news page for my own personal business and on another platform I was using this was simple, use the pagination plugin/stack and drop all relevant information on that section and it all took care of itself.

I don’t need it right away, but long term I will do - but might as well stick it in now if its workable.

I have been on the w3schools website and I can see its in bootstrap, and I can get it to come onto my website via the HTML widget - but then I might as well be sat on a Nasa Rocket and being asked to fly to the space station!!!

There must be a nice simple way to do this? I have not seen this as yet from anyone, other than create a new page can call it next page and on that page, do it again and have a previous page on it. So would be creating this myself with buttons or a nice design be the best option on Blocs?

Also not had a good look at this yet, but I take it @InStacks Volt pagination works on that ? (Which I am going to purchase when i get a call for CMS and BLOG from a client on a Blocs site)

Yes, you can either paginate through a list of blogs/content (like a list of max. 5 blogs), or you paginate through each blog post itself.


If you want to use page numbers, I think you should apply php and MySQL database, I don’t find sense wanting to do it with blocsapp, since blocsapp is for more static sites, and everything else depends on whether you do it with “PHP and MySQL” or in this case use a CMS.

for example on this site, all the static design in html, in blocsapp, then export in PHP, and add database and voila …


Random products, add new products, next page, edit and delete etc, all first in blocsapp and then finish with the database.

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Yes. If you need pagination, then you need a CMS. Eg Volt or one of the other ones.


thanks Jannis, i did think that would be the case. Another reason to get Volt soon if i use Blocs for these type of sites.

One crazy idea !..what about if I did this in Tabs!? say 6 posts in tab 1, another 6 in tab 2 etc

That could be potentially a lot of page content to load. You still have a management issue doing it like that though.

Volt would be the solution.

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As an alternative, is there a way to create a menu that is NOT attached to any page, and uses prev/next to data in the menu entry? You’d still need to add e.g. <new page 3> to the menu list, but … ?

Yeah, I too need to sort a way to do a simple prev/next through category groupings but don’t need/want a CMS at this point in time…as the content is not edited online…

It would probably possible to do this using an XML file that you can update and have that populate the pagination. But if you’re going to all that trouble you would be crazy not to just use a CMS.

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Hi @AdieJAM, I would vote for getting Volt CMS as part of your armoury anyway.
I find I’m using it a lot now (or I was until work dried up).
The new blog feature I’m now using for a blog and a testimonials section, and soon a FAQ section on an upcoming site.

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