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Hi all
Bit of a cheeky one this, but does anyone have an Ebay Icon that they would like to share?
There are many native ones in Blocs (Google, Instagram etc etc) but surprisingly not one for Ebay.
Failing this, is there tutorial anywhere on how to create your own icons?
Sorry for being so forward - I’m still getting used to Blocs.
Many thanks in anticipation.


You could use this one, as it’s in wikipedia commons:

There’s certainly others, but the legality means you have to have permission to use it & follow all the company styling rules :wink:


Thanks Bill - much appreciated.
Problem is that I need to use it as an icon in Blocs.
At the moment, I am using the ‘Explorer’ icon, but it is obviously incorrect.
So that you can see my predicament, please take a look at the bottom of the website:


As I say, there are many similar icons included with Blocs, but the Ebay one isn’t there.

Cheers Bill


Well, either you have to roll your own icon and add hover styling or wait till Blocs v3 which will probably have the next free version of font-awesome (5) which does have an eBay icon.


Thanks very much Bill - really helpful just to know that I am not missing the obvious.
Any idea when Blocs v3 will come out - can’t wait…
Really appreciate your fast response and good advice.


Here’s a quick tutorial on making an Ebay icon using:
One blank.png (10x10px) and two ebay svg files (one grey and one white) and one css class.

Cheers / Johny

Here’s the images used in the video! (4.6 KB)


Hi Jakerlund
Wow - absolutely fantastic!
Followed your instructions and the result is superb!
You can see it in action here:
So many thanks - much appreciated.

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Great @BUGG

I’m glad it helped :nerd_face: