Ecommerce. I need advice

I need feedback from everyone to make an iodine before designing a site.

A client wants to incorporate on the current site that I have made a product sales page. The site is designed in wordpress and I want to redo the site with blocks (for comfort that the untimely updates annoy me and that I have better things to do than check the site every day).

I have read that there is ECWID except that it is limited to 10 products and the company has 30. I know there is woocommerce but I don’t want to make a site with wordpress anymore.

Can we integrate Prestashop into the blocks? Or if you have another free ecommerce solution that handles shopping carts and credit card payments, PayPal, etc. I’m interested.

Thanks for your help :wink:

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Watching. I have a couple of military associations that want to sell products but are not for profit and not a charity so PayPal charge.

Would love to know of a good and easy method of doing this in blocs

I know this isn’t the answer you were looking for, but I’ve been in the same situation with small clients for e-commerce, email solutions, photography and more where clients take up hours or even days of your time searching for magic solutions just to save them a few dollars. They always come back later wanting more free stuff.

It’s a pain trying to build an e-commerce site for a client if they are against every small business expense. I wonder if the conversation with the client needs to be more along the lines of explaining that running a business has costs if you want to find effective solutions.

I’ve recently implemented Hiboutik.
It’s a POS / online shop software. It’s fairly easy to set up and the free version works well.


Hi Alpha,
I have been asked the same question for a charity-group. (They want to keep the cost as low as possible; they sell second hand products for very low prices and the benefits go to the people who need it.)
I am thinking about a construction where I want to set up a Woocommerce shop in a Blocs website. For this I am planning to use the Code Widget bric to create an iframe with the WooCommerce shop. I will install the shop on a subdomain, so it will hopefully be fairly easy to maintain.
Hopefully next week I will start setting this up and testing that.

HI @Mattheus,

Thanks for your answer, I’m looking at the woocommerce requirements to see if it only works with wordpress or if you can create an iframe as you say.

I’m looking at all the possibilities so that I don’t get stuck in the design because I haven’t thought of a detail.

Thanks for your feedback

HI @Jerry,

Thank you for your reply, and for sharing your experience, I really appreciate it. I’ll have a look at it to see how it works :wink:

Thank you for your answer @Flashman , yes with small clients it is not easy. But it’s up to me to find a solution adapted to their budget, the constraints, the conditions, etc.

And yes, as you say, sometimes they come back for requests that are still free but I never follow up.

HI Recce43,

using paypal implies accepting paypal’s terms and conditions so yes paypal charges you on each transaction. you have to include it in your price

As far as I can see; WooCommerce needs to be installed on a WP website. So my idea was to create a very basic WP site with a Woocommerce shop inside. This website opens in the Code Widget (iframe) in the Blocs website. To prevent a sorts of troubles I wanted to install the WP website on a subdomain for easier maintenance…

Ah ok, but I think you should start directly on a commercial template, you’ll save time by adding the client’s graphic design

I have not used this yet but it’s already on my radar for a while.

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And if you’re a bit more adventurous. Reflow is pretty awesome and works nicely together with Blocs. I’m implementing it as we speak.


Could you provide a link to the site you put the store on? I’d just like to see how it looks and works. I read a lot on there site and it looks nice.


Thanks @ Jerry for your help

@Jerry, I see their website for the docs and it’s very easy i think. Is it possible to see your website with reflow using?

Hi guys, thanks to read. I’m currently implementing. :smiley:

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If you understand what you’re doing it’s not too complicated.

Hi @Jerry,

I recently discovered reflow! I am definitely going to make this a Custom Bric. I have a pretty full plate right now, but this is one that will be getting some attention soon because it’s part of the larger picture and why I’m so excited about Cadence!


Thanks for the heads up @Whittfield! It’s only launched a couple of weeks ago and developed by the guys of (voice down :laughing:) BSS. For me personally, it’s just awesome!