Ecommerce site

is it possible to build a shop with Blocs ?
Does it have elements for building a shop, like add to basket, PayPal integration, etc…?


You can certainly build a shop in Blocs. It doesn’t have built in elements like a shopping cart, but in many cases these can be added through the likes of Gumroad or Ecwid with a single line of code for each product.

PayPal also works great for selling items. I use it on several of my sites. They have changed some in the last few years. You can simple create you store and and add a paypal button. One of the nice things is you can host your pay buttons on Paypal so when you want to make price changes it’s all done on PayPal so you don’t have to edit the button in Blocs. There are a few disadvantages, you can’t edit your whole store at once. Like for site wide sale. Each button has to be edited.