Further to my last post of November 2021, are there any new technologies compatible with Blocks other than ECWID that have appeared? I’ve heard about Reflow, I’ve looked into it and I’m still skeptical about integrating it into my site.

If you have any ecommerce solutions please share or if any developers have developed bricks

I use the Stiva Shopping Cart solution from PHP Jabbers. This is a totally independent shopping cart that you can integrate into a Blocs-built website. Essentially, the shopping page is created as a separate page in your site which is built automatically from the PHP script. You can top and tail the page with any other blocs or brics and you can also change the appropriate CSS file associated with the script to style it differently from the standard look. It comes with a few preset styling options so you can start using it without modification.

The script has it’s own admin area where you can manage your products, upload images (several images per products), edit descriptions, prices and payment methods. Paypal and Stripe are a couple of the standard payment options, but the developers can integrate other payment options. I suggest you take a look at the demo page to get a feel of how the script works and looks.

You must be running PHP on your server for the cart to work, but once installed, you will not be relying on third party websites to deliver your shop. Installation support is offered at no cost so you don’t have to worry about setting it up correctly on your server.


Ecwid is straightforward and easy to implement. Other solutions I have used or I’m using now are:
Stiva, Abante, Hiboutik and Reflow as the upcoming, new kid on the block.

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I have a Bric for Reflow ready to drop any minute.


But I was right to ask the question. D Tell me all about it because the client is getting impatient with the shop set up. When do you think it will be ready? :confused:

Before I start installing reflow can you tell me what it will add or improve?

Thank you very much for your feedback. It gives an idea of the possibilities. I’ll look into it right away

Eldar offers an entire class around commerce and Blocs on his Blocs Master site.

Rich the Weather Guy

Thank you for your reply, but it won’t help me because it works with ecwid and ecwid doesn’t meet my expectations. I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to use Ecwid when you have 10 products, but beyond that you have to pay for all the mouth and that’s possible. I’m going to wait for @whitfield 's feedback

It’s a suite of 8 brics that you add to your blocs project. So instead of dropping code into your project, you have brics. Each one has different settings that are supported through the api.

I am applying the finishing touches now.

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There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch! Just my 2 cents to the discussion.

I look forward to seeing your work

I know very well. I’m more in favour of a one-off licence payment than a monthly or annual one.

I don’t know if you will have time to make a demo of your bloc.

Your Reflow brics sound interesting. Are you able to predict when they may become available ?

I have a working copy but I’m putting together documentation.


I look forward to seeing your work and your design vision. Maybe you can improve their ergonomics