Edit/Clear Recently Opened Documents

There doesn’t appear to be an easy way to clear the recently opened documents list in the Welcome to Blocs dialog. I’ve noticed that when you right-click any of those recently opened documents, you are given the option to “Show in Finder” which is nice. I therefore propose a new addition to that contextual menu that would allow me to “Remove” a document from that list. Manual removal would reduce clutter and allow me to focus on the right documents faster when I launch Blocs.


This is part of the operating system. Almost all mac apps will call up the recent items cache, whether its shown in the file menu only or also displayed in the opening window. OS itself doesn’t have the ability to clear individual items from its cache, but you can clear all the items by clicking file/recent items/clear recent items in any open app. When you then next start the app, the list will be gone.

I guess the best you could ask an app developer to do is have them create a “current projects” option where you can list the projects you’re currently working on - a sort of “favourites” list.


@hendon52 & @pumpkin

Thanks for pointing out the menu option. Of course, it’s a blunt instrument that wipes everything out, rather than allowing me to be selective. So again, if we can get a single contextual menu item when right-clicking on a document, why can’t we get another? That’s really my Wish List request. “Selective Clear” so to speak. That way I am not forced to re-open all my documents manually in order to get them to appear as recently opened documents.

It’s a lazy man’s request, I know. I just wanted to propose it. If it’s ignored, it’s okay. But if it makes it’s way into Blocs, great!

Anyway, I appreciate your input very much. Thank you!