Edit Downloaded Pages

Hi there…

I downloaded some web page files for a website of my client. My client wants to keep the same page look and feel but wants some other elements and text and images changed.

I have the downloaded HTML files on my computer.

How can I get them into Blocs to be able to work with them and edit them?

Can someone please explain how I can achieve this?



Blocs doesn’t import HTML.

If you’re just changing some text and images, probably easiest to just edit the HTML code yourself.

Or consider rebuilding it in Blocs.

If you’ve got the HTML files and the image assets, you could just open the HTML files in a browser and then copy and paste text and images into a new Blocs project. You should start by using some of the standard blocs to create a page layout similar to the existing site and then start copying and pasting into the pre-made blocs. You can then start adjusting things like fonts, colours and positions once the content is in place.

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