Edit mode not showing two blocs row properly

I am styling my website with a vertical navigation bar. Did that by inserting two blocs in one row and set the yellow (navigation) bar’s width at 15% and the pink (main) page’w width at 85%.

It works fine when I preview the page. But it splits farther apart in editing mode, which is really bothering during editing. As shown on screenshots. What did I do wrong??


Hello @jesvtb, welcome.

Instead of using % you can click on each column and the yellow one you can make the column width from 1 to 12 (I think you will need 2)
And the red one you choose 10.
NB: you click the column in the tree panel on the left panel and change the width in the right under the Appearence options.

See it here:

I tried your suggested options, which is two columns in one bloc and yes it looks alright.

But I would need the yellow side to be a sticky horizontal bar, which is why I assigned it as a bloc instead of column.