Editing bad Blocs Code?

Bad code…Anybody?
I posted this already but maybe it was missed?

What do you do when you go and look at the code in a development tool (so you can actually see all the code) and you find an error in the way the code was written?

For example…I had to go through creating a class to center the drop down text in the mobile menu.

Again (beating a drum here) it really should be an easy alignment or center text selection option rather than having to go and create the whole thing in code to just center the text. Tedious.

Anyway the code was written this way…it’s wrong.

…nav li a

Instead of

.nav li a
Two dots instead of one. Again the only way I know how to access the raw code is to go to another editor to fix it. …but then you can’t reopen it in Blocs.
Is there a “secret way” to gain entry to “all the code” within Blocs without leaving Blocs?

Even here on this post I put two dots in and three sho up.

I put one dot in by accident in the Blocs class dialog box. It added a second.

.nav li a{
/* = Text Mobile Alignment Classes
I did this out of coding habit…but I removed the dot and let Blocs add the dot instead except…blocs didn’t remove it.

Hmm… …what to do about bad code?

Option 1) Talk about it in the forum?
Option 2) Report it directly to the developer?

I think Option 2 is the better way forward. Norm provided a direct mechanism within blocsapp just for that purpose.

If something is wrong (ie a bug), just report it to Norm. Directly.

As for looking at the source, it kind of defeats the purpose of blocsapp, but it’s super easy to do just by looking at the exported code.

I guess you missed my other post. My question was if you see the code error in an outside code editor how can you access and correct that code within Blocs? Pretty simple question …

It’s a simple question but I’d argue it’s the wrong question.

The users shouldn’t be “fixing” blocsapp, the developer should be doing that. If I understand correctly, you are saying that blocsapp is generating bad code. Let Norm fix it.

So with all the questions I see about errors, code, classes etc. mine is the wrong question. LOL!

As I understand it you are talking about blocsapp doing the wrong thing. If that is so then blocsapp needs to be fixed.

Lots of people are frustrated by a lack of transparency regarding classes used by blocsapp and we shouldn’t need to be playing sherlock holmes to investigate what blocsapp is doing, but some of us do look around to see the code, but really that’s not what we should be doing in order to use the software.

There’s no reason why blocsapp should have any support for investigating the generated code within the program - it’s not a program for hackers. By all means poke around the generated code, I’ve done so myself.

I don’t understand why you think blocsapp should expose the code generation. I would support the idea that it should expose the classes used in the code manipulation so that we can do a better job of styling or manipulating them.

totally in agreement with what was commented by @pauland