Elements initially don't show up if interaction/animation is applied to them

I noticed that Elements which have an applied animation or interaction won’t show up initially if the page is loading when they are in the lower segment of the browser window. The elements just show up when I am scrolling and they are completely within the browser window.

Is there a way to load ALL elements at the initial loading of the page to prevent such a behavior?

Thanks for the help :).

I have the same question too !


@Norm Is there a way to prevent this from happening? Would be a live saver.

Hey, sorry there is not an option built in, animations are triggered when they appear on screen. If you want all animations to load at start they would not be visible so kinda pointless unless you have a loop anim that never ends.

You could edit the the blocs.js file to not trigger animation on visibility, remove line 23.

animateWhenVisible(); // Activate animation when visible

Take care to export and not minify the blocs.js file.

Thank you for your response. I will be doing that. I am just using animations which are triggered when hovered which is why it is a great help that those elements are initially visible.

same issue here, but would it be possible to disable the function only for Hover animation ?

So that “appear” animation would still remain ?