Email contact form working on one page, but failed on another

Dear forum members, my personal homepage is hosted by checkdomain. It includes the standard blocs contact form and is working flawless so far.
Some days ago I programmed a similar page for a friend of mine, who has a small solar panel business. I included the same contact form, but emails do not reach its destination.
Like said befor, it is the same host/server, so PHP problems cannot be the issue.
Any ideas?

I could provide you with screenshots of the form, but do not know how to insert pictures here???

And maybe a link to the live site you have issues with. Always helpful.

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Also, please note that although you are on the same server there is still a chance that the other website’s php or send ports are blocked by the hosting company.

This actually happened to me once. My hosting account is old and has everything active. However, new accounts have php and ports blocked and you have to send in a support email to activate them. It took me forever to figure that out.

Thanks for the kind replys. Meanwhile I managed to get the form working, by simply deleting it completely from the site and than put it back in. I used the same to/from addresses etc. The only thing I left unchanged is the form itself. To the name, email and message, I only added a required phone number field.
On the older form I added 3 or 4 additional fields where the customer should leave infos about the size of the roof for the solar panels etc. Maybe Blocs did not like more than 4 input fields. Did not had the chance/time yet to test a contact form with more fields.