Embed a code. [SOLVED]

I try to embed code by using the Code Embed bric, but the result is that I see the code on the webpage.
the code is the following:
Book an appointment with Tsolution

Does someone know what I’ve done wrong? :sweat_smile:

PS: as I see that it appears here as it should, I give you the weblink:

Thanks in advance

OK. I try.


Funny enough I just started getting setup on Picktime the other day, mainly because it looked like a good solution for a client who is a PT.

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Haha. That’s funny.
I just discovered it yesterday and it seems to be a good solution for teachers who are willing to manage students online.
I’ll test Picktime, Setmore and Calendly to see which one is the best.

Hey @Muppet,

Dont use the Embed Code Bric, you want the Code Widget. :grinning:

So, I put it in a normal text bric?

Code Widget.

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 10.38.59 PM

Oh. Silly me :sweat_smile:


Sorry ignore the < script > tags you do not need them, I just had a look. Copy and paste only.

I made an assumption. :smile:

Yes. That’s what I planed to do.
I’m transferring the new page.

It’s working now.
Thanks a lot for your quick support.

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I was thrown off when you said the code was displaying. That’s usually missing or mis typed tags.

I didnt expect the embed code bric. :grinning: