Embed issuu


newbie here :slight_smile: I was wondering if anyone managed to embed an issuu document (or a pdf somewhere else) on a Blocs website. When I try to embed with the codes I get from issuu, it appears as a blank space on the site. I also tried with their iFrame code instead.

I’m guessing the problem might be the use of Javascript, which appears not to be supported on Blocs… has anyone found any workarounds?



Blocs does not support many files formats at this time. Blocs 2.5 will have a host of new file options in the asset manager. Norm shared a sneak peak last week. For PDF files you have to upload the file to your server and then link to the document. You can open in your website or new window.

Here’s Norms sneak peak picture of new asset manager.


Thanks for the quick reply! I will wait and see what the new features have to offer then !



I have a couple websites with Issuu embeds take a look it works perfectly well after export and upload.


Head to Revistas look 2016 to 2008

Sorry its spanish