Embedded Project Assets

Hi Guys,

I have a project with over 1,200 images and I’ve accidentally embedded most of them inside the project, now it takes an AGE to load (my project file is nearly 100mb and images are hugely optimised) and I like to save every 30 seconds and Blocs seems a bit sluggish due to this now.

Is there anyway of removing the assets and re-linking them, if not, what’s the best way of saving a page with all the meta/seo/keywords etc on and copying it to a new project?


One of my projects is about 700mb (Most images I don’t use but keep in rotation) and it takes about 4 seconds to save.
How long does it take to save your project? To open?

You can purge all of your assets then try adding them back without embedding them but I’m not sure you want to set all those images again on every page.

Creating a page template might work as well