Embedding a Google Calendar

When I paste the code from Google Calendar into the HTML widget, the calendar doesn’t appear. Any ideas why?

Not without seeing what you are pasting.

@ScottinPollock I was wondering if you use and calendars with your websites? I’ve looked at the Google calendar and it works ok but my biggest problem is it’s not mobile friendly. Any calendar suggestions.

I have one site that uses Google Calendar; seems to be fine on mobile.

Thanks Scott, I works well in landscape on my phone, (iPhone 5s) but I loose a few days of the week in portrait mode. It looks like it would work well on a bigger phone. I did a little digging and I’m trying out https://tockify.com. There is a free version. Works well so far. Web based, similar to using mail chimp.

Very nice site, did you do the site totally with Blocs?
Thanks for replying.



I’m going to try this later (fat fingers has just wiped out his site on the server because I’m rushing to get to work) but I’d be interested if anyone has used Google calendar in agenda view. I think that may get over the problem of days of the week being cut off in portrait mode.

To get agenda, simply click on the agenda tab in Google Calendar before cutting and pasting the text.

post two different calendars - regular format for larger devices, and “agenda” format for phones.

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Gerald - you’re a genius. It worked! Many thanks. Will