Empty shapes and how to get rid of them

I want a hero image as my front page but, because I’m creating a one-page site, I also want a sticky menu.

I added the new nav bar at the top and made it sticky. I then deleted the nav bar from the hero but it has left me with an “empty” block.

Now when I colour my menu, the empty block colours too.

What is the best way to get rid of empty shapes please?


I believe the hero blocs have a sticky option.

Will, I’d also say that if you do use a seperate nav menu, there’s little point in using the hero blocs. You can replicate them using standard blocs.

As I mentioned in the previous post the hero blocs have a sticky option for the navbar that they contain.

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Thanks Paul,

That explains how I got into this mess.

I hadn’t realised that heroes have a sticky option.

It should be easily solved now.