Enable Additional BG Parallax Settings (Video Link)

For a short bit of time, I was playing with ENY Builder to craft some websites. There are a few settings this app has that I’d love to find in Blocs, but the most important one is their version of the background parallax effect.

Blocs has a parallax effect for backgrounds that keep the background image in place while the rest of the page scrolls past it. In ENY Builder, the parallax effect is a subtle shift of the background image up and down while it is being scrolled past. You can see the subtle effect in the video linked below, the mobile device in the background image slowly shifts up and down while being scrolled.

Link: https://streamable.com/tpewr

I’d really appreciate a parallax setting in Blocs that mimics this (as I believe many others would as well)! Even if there are no additional settings (speed, etc) to manipulate in an initial form of implementation - it would be a welcome piece of code! (Next to all the new parallax settings included for images in V3 - I feel like this was a missing piece of the cake!)

Hi @anthony_jr

My 2 cent :slight_smile:

I have watched the video more than once and to be honest the effet is so subtle that I cannot see it. :disappointed:

That said it would indeed be fun to have some more background parallax effects and at the same time I find that the new Scroll FX provides a great alternative.

I agree… difficult to see.

I had a look at the ENY Builder website, they also use the effect there. In reviewing the source code they are using (a pointlessly modified version) of Parallax.js. It should be noted upfront that Parallax.js does NOT work on Mobile and reverts to a static image. But when reviewing the setup and usage found on the Parallax.js link, you can implement it in Blocs if you want.

Here are the docs for Blocs 3 which should help you, concerning implementing the setup and usage.

  1. HTML Bric – https://help.blocsapp.com/knowledge-base/html-widget/
  2. Page Setting - Add Code – https://help.blocsapp.com/knowledge-base/page-settings/
  3. Page Attachments – https://help.blocsapp.com/knowledge-base/page-attachments/
  4. Custom Data Attributes – https://help.blocsapp.com/knowledge-base/custom-data-attributes/

Just out of curiosity what are your general thoughts on ENY Builder’s workflow etc., compared to Blocs 3?