Enable Z-Index

How go enable and fix z-index to make navigation on top. Because right now if I create navigation only site it’s under the page and the dropdown is hidden.

Help @Norm

Is this a Solis preview of browser?

No, it’s in the published and in-app preview

Do you have a live link?

Here’s the link: http://mackyangelescom.ipage.com/preview/herculist/trafficzone.html (Please check mobile version)

Any update how to fix this issue? :frowning:

It’s not a bug, this happens because you don’t have any more content on the page. The actual webpage cuts off on mobile when the bloc ends. If you add more content below, the menu will show. All I did was set the container to 100vh via chrome dev tools and it showed the menu. I think once you add content to the page aside form the menu it should show fine. I tested your other pages and they load the menu fine due to the fact they have more content on the page.


That’s the issue, Is it possible to show this even there’s no content and just the navigation? :frowning: Because client is planning to add a frame at the bottom.

Cant you just add a full screen Bloc under the menu and make it white? You wont see it because its a white section but menu will show.

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