Encrypt emails

If we add a simple email link in Blocs without using a form I would like a preference to obfuscate the code to protect it from spammers.

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I found an online option to obfuscate email addresses and it looks correct inside Blocs or Solis with no formatting issues, but inside a web browser it’s a mess.


Hi @Flashman

Just two quick thoughts on this: what you are proposing (at least in your title) isn’t encryption (which is tough to do on both the sending & receiving ends of the communication), it’s obfuscation :wink: And two - don’t do this. Spam bots can easily read that html in the code & scrape the email address. I would suggest you try a simple js & php combination of scripts that keep the email away from bots.


@Bill Yes you are right that the correct term is obfuscation but I thought it might be too obscure a word for many, who may never have heard of it. I used it originally on my first web site going back almost 20 years ago and it’s only been more recently that I moved to forms for site emails.

I wasn’t aware that spambots can can decipher it so easily these days and I assume CloudFlare is using something like you suggested when they offer this option in the control panel. I ended up adding a second form that only appears after clicking the email link.

Spam bots can easily read that html in the code & scrape the email address

In the past I tried many things to keep bots away. But since a year I use a very simple way for my clients: I create a different mailadress that I embed with mailto and redirect it to the main mailadress. The idea is: If there are too many spammails I just change the second mailadress. But until now this was not necassary - no problems with spam :slight_smile:

Bill, your “simple js & php combination” is only “simple” if you undersand js and php. lol
Perhaps you could design a plug in for those of us who don’t have that ability! :slight_smile:

@Creative @Bill already created such a bric.

Invisible reCAPTCHA

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Yes, Invisible reCAPTCHA actually adds spam bot blocking to the std. Blocs email form. Flashman suggested a way to do an email link with just a simple text link. That could be done, if I ever get out from under the mountain of work I’m buried under right now :wink: